Polygauss is based in Manchester and is European distributor and stockist for the superb range of polymer bonded ferrite and rare earth injection moulding compounds produced with full technical support by Mate Corporation in Japan.

Through an associate company we can also offer UK manufactured ferrite moulding compounds in Polypropylene (for submersion in water) and currently in development is a range of NdFeB compounds and hybrids in PA12 & PPS that will be very competitively priced. We like a challenge and are happy to look at new binder/filler combinations.

Recent sponsorship of a research programme at Cambridge University into the addition of Carbon Nanotubes to magnetic powders has led to the filing of a patent, and this project is moving towards commercialisation.

Following the work done at Cambridge, Polygauss is proud to be listed as a Technology Provider to NanoCentral which has been established to promote the benefits of nano-materials and nano-technology within the Centre for Process Innovation. We see this as a fantastic opportunity to move forward and welcome all enquiries.

Please contact Paul Satinoff: paul@polygauss.com